Over 1,000,000 transaction a second so you never miss a trade

Best Rates

With flat 0.1% transaction fees, Nebula Exchange offers the lowest rates available


Multisig wallets, 24/7 monitoring and secure storage solutions keep your coins safe

Why Choose Us

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading & Exchange Platform

Bitcoin Trading Platform


With the most affordable listing fee on the market, Nebula Exchange aims to be a haven for promising new projects

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Security Tokens

Nebula Exchange aims at becoming the first platform to obtain the required license to trade highly regulated Security Tokens

Buy and Sell Bitcoins

Easy & simple

We make it easy to buy digital currencies with a single click. Simple KYC process

Margin Trading

Nebula Exchange will allow for users to trade with up to 10x leverage through the use of derivatives



All security measures are taken to ensure your wallet is safe with us



Our first phase will have ETH pairings with BTC and USD planned for our second phase. Nebula Exchange aims to attract users all over the globe to generate high volume and liquidity

Future Features

Be Heard

Voice your opinions on cryptocurrency projects by writing 5-star reviews. Help others discover great projects or warn them of investments to avoid. The Nebula aims to be the most trustworthy place in the galaxy for honest research and advice.

Reputation System

Earn Reputation Points (RP) and get fun rewards by referring friends, helping the community, and getting approval on your reviews. The reputation of our users is always visible so you’ll have a clear vision of who is valued and trusted by the community.

A Nebula Full of Potential

Our ultimate and final phase will include a massive interactive Nebula to entertain our users. The top 20 volume coins will have their own unique place among the stars. Cheer on your favorite currency as they compete to become the coveted #1 Supernova.

Shining Stars

For a nominal fee you can promote your cryptocurrency by making it the Shining Star to be featured to all users in exquisite detail.


User-Friendly And Customizable Interface

Nebula Exchange makes cryptocurrency trading easy and accessible for everyone, while providing more complex features for experienced traders.

APIs will be available to developers as an efficient way to build digital asset trading applications and tools: create your own charts, monitor and edit your orders and positions, track your trading history and wallets movements.

Available anywhere from your finger tips

Access Nebula Exchange from our web interface or download our mobile app for iOS or Android (coming soon).

Trade from anywhere, any time!

Buy & sell with fiat currencies

Nebula Exchange makes it easy to buy bitcoin, ether and other digital currencies from USD, EUR and other fiat currencies

  • Secure wallet
  • Simple KYC, fast deposit process
  • Send digital currencies to someone else, anywhere in the world
  • Receive digital currencies from someone else to your Nebula wallet
  • Visualize and manage your portfolio

Some Thoughts From The Team

  • We are quickly gaining attention as the only exchange that is focused on the community aspect, the perfect place to share knowledge and learn from the rest of us.

  • The Nebula could seriously reduce the number of people to fall for scams and bad investment advice.

    Senior Developer
  • We quickly reply to all our applicants, gone are the days of needlessly long and expensive listing procedures.

  • Researching and investing in cryptocurrency has never been this easy, nowhere else will you find reliable advice on when to actually sell.

    Country Manager, India

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