Purchase NESC Tokens with ChainTrade Tokens

1) Please fill in the form to proceed with buying NESC tokens with your CTT tokens. Price of 1 NESC = 1 CTT.

2) Accept the Terms and Conditions of the purchase. Accept the Terms and Conditions of Nebula Exchange and risks associated with the investment as share in the Whitepaper.

3) Send the amount of CTT you mentioned in the form to,

Please DO NOT send any CTT from an exchange wallet.

4) Users will receive NESC tokens in the same wallet they transferred CTT from when they are distributed post ICO.

5) This form will remain open till 31st May 2018, after this CTT holders would need to contact ChainTrade directly if they want to buy NESC with CTT tokens. Nebula will not entertain requests directly from CTT holders.